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Blue Angels, Thunder Birds, Red Baron, Tri Planes, Jets And More.

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All our Airplane kites come with flying line and winder.

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28 in. diamond kite biplane by HQ kites

 Diamond kite with tails, Great for kids age 5 To 100

airplane kite f-16, 3-D

3-D F-16 Jet Kite With Tail

Kitty Hawk Flyer 3-D Kite 72 in.

3-D Wright Brothers Airplane Kite

wright broyher flyer kite by hq kites

3-D Wright Brothers Airplane Kite

Blue Angles Airplane Kite

 Dual control nylon stunt kite. loops, dives, goes round & round.

WW II Airplane Kite P-51 Mustang, fun for all ages.


Atlantis Space Shuttle kite ready to fly.

Endeavor Space Shuttle kite ready to fly.

Airplane kites are always a big hit with kids 7 to 77 yrs old.

 WW II fighter plane.

This is one bad Airplane kite.

airplane kites

WW II Airplane Kite ThunderBolt, Great for kids.

Astronaut kite ready to fly.