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End caps for all kites.


Nocks for all type kites. 3.0 mm to 8.0 mm


Stunt and one string kite leading edge connectors

$1.99 - $2.20

Standoff clips for all kites


Standoff rod plug for all type kites.


Kite rod stoppers for all kites.

$0.20 - $0.49

Repair tape for all kites, Choose from 14 colors. By the foot.

Made In The USA

Flying WingsKites, Beetle Parts

All the parts you need to repair your Beetle.

$0.49 - $6.60

Train line set for stacking a Beetle 3 stack, can also be used for stacking all other stunt kites.

Fly your Beetle in wind up to 30 mph with this kit.

All the parts you need to keep your Rock-On stunt kite flying.

$0.49 - $5.28
Spider Stunt Kite Parts

Spider kite rods, and all the little parts you need.

$0.49 - $6.60

All you need to repair your Wala Kite 64 in.

$0.49 - $7.99

All the parts you need for your 94 in. Wala XL Kite.

$0.49 - $13.99
Acrobatx-Kite Std. Rods & Parts

All the parts and rods to repair your Std. Acrobatx kite.

$0.49 - $13.75