Dyna Kite® (Color Master) American Flag, Graduated (3) Stack

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Dyna Kite American Flag, Made In The USA
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$107.99 - $154.59
Wind Range:
4 to 20 mph
Skill Level:
Number of Kites:
Kite (1) 23 X 28 in. (2) 29 X 39 in. (3) 36 X 44
Comes With:
30# Flying Lines, Handles & 35 ft. Tails
Made In The:
Choose Tails:
Choose Flying Line:
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This graduated set of Dyna Kites® is hand made in America one at a time by Dyna Kite®. You get 3 kites of different sizes: Color Master, Flight Master, & Train Master (see picture). We use nylon, rods, stacking lines & tails all made and assembled In the USA (Comes with 30# flying lines, handles, tails and all stacking lines)

We recommend upgrading the line to 50 lbs test or more.

This Kite is made with red, white , blue, ripstop nylon, solid white fiberglass rods,  one red handle & one blue. (3) blue tails ( Actual colors may vary from image(s).