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Mix of : Barbie, Disney Princess, Dora, and Sponge Bob.


Party Pack of 24 Airplane mini kites: Bi-Plane, Fighter Jet, Red Baron, and Stealth.These little kites fly great, kids will love them. Comes with line and handle, ready to fly.

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Party Pack of 24 mini kites: Butterflys, Dragonflys, Frogs, LadyBugs, Macaw Parrots, TropicalFish. Great kite for the very littles ones age 2 to 100 yrs old.

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Miniature diamond kites, Assortment of 12 (1) Tinkerbell (2) Spider Man (2) Ironman (2) Princess (2) Toy Story (1) Transformers, and (2) Bakugan. Great for kids. They really fly. Ready To Fly

Party Pack Mini Nylon Kites

(4) owls, (4) Turtles, (4) Fish.

(Does not include Dragons as shown in photo.)

Mini Nylon Kites Box Of 12 by Xkites

2 each: 28 in. Dragons, 22 in. Butteryflys, 22 in. Frogs, 18 in. LadyBugs, 23 in. Owls, 21.5 in.Turtles.

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Ready to fly with skytails. (Mix of rain forest critters)

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Our #1 Selling  Kite and I can fly in 3 mph wind.

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Sea Life kites with sky tails. (Mix of sea Critters)

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Sky Bugzz Kites 2-D (Party Pack Of 12)

Mix of: Lady Bugs, Bee's, Dragon Flys, and Butterfly's. Comes with lines, handles and tails. Great kite for kids 3 to 93 yrs old. With a wind rang of 5 to 15 mph lets these kites fly with just a tiny breeze.

SkyDiamond 23 in. (Plastic) Kites (Party pack Of 10)

Mix of: Blue Angles, Thunder Birds, TMNT, Barbie, Disney Princess, Jake, Planes, Spider Man,, Sponge Bob, Super man, Transformers,

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Party Kites

Mix of Frozen Olaf, Despicable Me, Hello Kitty, Iron Man, Star Wars R2D2. Easy to assemble, made of plastic with fiberglass rods. Comes with line and handle.

Sky Zoo Kites with skytails.

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