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All Dyna Kite® Stacks of 3 or more need a Lead Kite Kit or Phantom on front Kite. The lead Kite Kit will work on any size stack, use the phantom on 6 stacks and up.

Click on link below to see this kite fly.

$179.99 - $339.18

Add on to your existing Dyna Kite®; diamond stunt kite stack of one or more. 36  X 44 in.

$29.99 - $39.69

36 x 44 in. Two line stackable stunt kite. Choose from 18 colors

$29.99 - $45.09

Choose from 18 color combinations.

36 X 44 in. Two line stackable stunt kite with 35 ft. tails.



$39.99 - $49.69

Easy to fly eddy/diamond kite with a smile!

 diamond jolly roger by HQ kites

Easy to fly Eddy/Diamond kite with image of Jolly Roger

jolly roger 12 in. diamond by HQ kites

Miniature eddy kite featuring jolly roger, great for kids.

Easy flyer, great for all ages.

Click on link to see Elphant kite fly.

emma the seagull 12 in diamond by HQ kites

Miniature diamond kite featuring Emma the seagull, great for kids.

Indoor to light wind kite. (0 to 8 mph.) Comes with very nice carry bag.

Choose Red, Yellow, Blue, or Green.

Click on link below to see this kite fly.

airplane kite f-16, 3-D

3-D F-16 Jet Kite With Tail

fairy princess sledy kite 30 in.

sledy kite with princess

princess diamond kite by HQ kites

 Diamond kite with image of a Princess

You'll be sure to spot this Falcon kite for miles.

Click on link below to see this kite fly.