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Wala 2.0 Red

The new version of the original Wala:

  • It glides further, smoother
  • Breaks down to 23''x3'' when packed for easy transport

Kite shaped like Mini Mouse.

Click on link to see Mini Mouse fly.

Breezy Flier Delta Kites 42 in. (Party pack Of 12)

Mix Of: Dart Frogs, Dinosaurs, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, Tropical Fish, Sharks.

Diamond Kite I Love heart

Great for kids. This kite flys great

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Miniature Butterfly kite. Great for kids. They really fly. Ready To Fly.

Delta kite with sky tails.

Frozen Kite Olaf

Check out this Delta kite.


Parachute Piggy Kite 39 in.

Parachute Panda and Parachute Piggy are not just a kite but a whole new game! Fly Parachute Panda or Parachute Piggy as a kite for as long as you want  then slacken the line and these happy companions will release and come down like a parachute. Who can catch them first!

Kite shaped like Mickey Mouse.

Click on link below to see mickey mouse fly.

LTD Doll Kite 36 in.

You may want to hang this Doll kite on the wall as it is to pretty to fly and get dirty.