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Blue Angels, Thunder Birds, Red Baron, Tri Planes, Jets And More.

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All our Airplane kites come with flying line and winder.

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28 in. diamond kite biplane by HQ kites

 Diamond kite with tails, Great for kids age 5 To 100

airplane kite f-16, 3-D

3-D F-16 Jet Kite With Tail

wright broyher flyer kite by hq kites

3-D Wright Brothers Airplane Kite

Blue Angles Airplane Kite

 Dual control nylon stunt kite. loops, dives, goes round & round.

WW II Airplane Kite P-51 Mustang, fun for all ages.


Atlantis Space Shuttle kite ready to fly.

Endeavor Space Shuttle kite ready to fly.

 WW II fighter plane.

This is one bad Airplane kite.

airplane kites

WW II Airplane Kite ThunderBolt, Great for kids.

Astronaut kite ready to fly.


WW I Airplane Kite just like the Red Baron flew.

Click on link below to see this Kite fly.

3-D nylon kite, looks like a real Space Shuttle.

Click on link below to see Space Shuttle Kite fly.