Calypso II, Rainbow Stunt Kite With Tail 41 in.

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stunt kite calypso by hq kites
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Minimum Quantity:
41 in. X 23 in.
Wind Range:
4 To 24 MPH
Skill Level:
Made Of:
Nylon with Fiberglass Rods
Comes With:
66 ft. X 44# Flying Lines & Handles & Tail
Eligible for FREE Shipping(Eligible for FREE Shipping)

These HQ entry-level kites are noted primarily for their sturdy design. They are sewn from light and strong ripstop nylon and the rods are made of almost unbreakable fiber glass. The setup is simple and the flying properties are extremely docile. They can be flown reliably even by beginners in a wide wind range. The drag forces are moderate, but solid – the flying speed doesn’t overpower the pilot. It can be further reduced by adding on a tube tail. With a little practice, the Quickstep II can master simple tricks.